Youth Cell Groups

Youth Cell Groups are great opportunities for middle & high schoolers within the same demographic to get Christ-centered fellowship & spiritual growth that takes advantage of a smaller, more intentional setting, without being intimidating.

The groups are made up of 3-4 kids and 2 leaders. They try to meet once a week or bi-weekly for 1-2 hours, depending on availability. These groups are intentionally small so that they can intentional, but also flexible and accommodating to families’ schedules and needs. The groups have lots of fun while also focusing on discipleship, prayer, and a Bible study based on a curriculum chosen by our Youth Pastor.

If your family would like your youth to join a Cell Group please consider your current calendar and weekly schedule at this time and fill out the form below. This will help us place your student in a Cell Group and hopefully find a time that fits everyone’s needs.

Youth's Full Name *
Youth's Full Name
Please select start times that would work well for your family. The more flexible your family is and the more times you select will help us find a time that meets everyone's needs. Please let us know if your youth would possibly need rides to and from. We would be happy to help work that out for y'all either by help of a Youth Leader or carpooling with another family.
Please put whoever would be best to contact about planning a time.
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Please contact Josh Rogers if you have any questions.