online giving changes

What is changing?
Classic City Church is switching online giving platforms!
We are moving from: SecureGive
We are moving to: Planning Center Giving

How does this impact you?
This change will require anyone who gives on a recurring basis to discontinue their recurring payments with SecureGive, and begin recurring payments with Planning Center Giving. This will about 10 minutes to do.

Please Follow the steps below to switch your recurring Donations from secureGive to Planning Center Giving

1.) Visit Classic City’s Secure Give profile by clicking here. (If you forgot your password, click here to reset it).

2.) Once you are logged in, select “Manage Recurring” at the top right corner of the screen (top left if you are using a mobile device). You should now see all of your recurring donation streams to Classic City Church.

3.) Select “Delete” by each donation stream on this page. With this complete, SecureGive will no longer remove donations from your bank account.

4.) To re-establish a recurring donation to CCC, please navigate back to, click “Give Now”, and create a donation stream with our new platform, Planning Center Giving. We hope you like the new design!

Contact John Manack with any questions or concerns:
cell: (912)531-7130